We build our company day after day on INNOVATION and MADE IN ITALY in the deep conviction that high technological value and innovative design are the keys to grow up and succeed in the domestic and international market of tomorrow.

From the first day we have oriented our choices according to the innovation guidelines identified by the SMART SPECIALIZATION STRATEGY, studying and implementing innovative DESIGN projects and adapting our production methods to the concepts of GREEN ECONOMY and CIRCULAR ECONOMY.

Our first three years of activity have seen the beginning of many innovative projects ranging from furniture industry to sustainable mobility, which is why in 2017 we joined both PALM Innovation Pole and the PESCARA PROTOCOL, we filed our first PATENT and laid the foundations for SUSTAINABLE GROWTH and










2017 - New street furniture design project "Design Shades", aimed at the development of a brand new Outdoor Furniture System 100% MADE IN ITALY , ideal for dehors and public spaces fabricated according to sustainable and innovative design criteria.
The aim is to complement the existing catalog of systems and accessories with a complete and modular line of highly innovative outdoor systems, conceived for the CONTRACT and GREEN BUILDING sectors.
The final product of this project is the implementation of stand-alone systems for sunscreens, LED lighting, connectivity and re-charging / powering of small electronic devices.


2017 - Thanks to the deep knowledge of light alloys and aluminum welding processes, in the past few months we have followed several projects focusing on the development of INNOVATIVE VEHICLES for leisure and SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY. 

Starting with tooling design and manufacturing to the realization and testing of the first PROTOTYPES, the projects aim at the development of high performance frames and accessories, recyclable and recycled, wiht high aesthetic and technological features.

In particular, we are focused on the R&D of solutions for ELECTRIC BICYCLES, such as frames and wiring engineering for the production of highly developed and sustainable products.


We are THE aluminium experts, CIRCULAR ECONOMY most iconic material: all of our products come from 100% recycled and recyclable aluminium.
Thanks to our experience, the R&D department  works alongside customers to  study product life-cycle green solutions, helping them transitioning from materials such as stainless steel or plastics to aluminium.

For every customer new project there is our own internal project dedicated to the study and design of PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE and to engineering and optimization actions that can guarantee the use of recycled and recyclable materials, waste and off-cuts recycling,  product durability and solutions for  product end-of-life management.

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